BlueJewelz site design showcasing continuous scroll homepage and sliders

BlueJewelz Brand Launch

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BlueJewelz is a early stage wearable-technology startup. The brand’s unique solution pairs a miniaturized, removable technology disc with multiple styles of real jewelry, in precious metals. The result: an integrated solution that provides keeps women connected and in control throughout their day without compromising on her personal style.

Challenge: Pre-money startup had minimal resources for launch marketing and branding, and was continually challenged by new entries into a rapidly changing market. Competitors offered single-style jewelry, made of plastic or base metal and often with toy-like designs or clunky looks which were needed to house the electronics. BlueJewelz remains the only technology solution created with real jewelry in precious metals, that solves both the need for multiple fashionable looks and connectivity. The Bluejewelz user feels more confident in knowing she is in control of her day while expressing her own sense of style.

Insight: In cuture there is a difference between how men and women have access to their phones especially in professional settings. While men can keep their phones in a jacket or pant pocket where they can still feel a vibration notification, women either keep their phone in a purse where they miss important information, or are forced to carry it out in the open which can impact their professional image. Women want to remain connected throughout their personal and professional lives without compromosiing style and convenience.

Outcome: BlueJewelz was positioned as a technology company, but marketing as a jewelry company—emphasizing the style solution, jewelry design and materials, and ability to change your look, while providing state-of-the-art connectivity solutions. With a total marketing investment of under $5,000 the firm leveraged growth-hacking tactics including social media, crowd funding, e-mail marketing and a custom-designed experience at the 2015 International CES to engage over 200,000 prospects, generate over 200 global print, digital and TV mentions and yield over 250 global distribution requests. The tight integration of solution storytelling and a consistent brand expression helped to solidify an established global jewelry manufacturer as a strategic partner.