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Ted in Ten Qs

1. What do you do?

fa-graduation-capIn short: I build and grow brands. The longer answer is that I am a data- and creative-obsessed marketer with deep roots in brand strategy and creative development. I believe that when you understand the real value a brand provides for people, only then can you create experiences that make a difference.

2. So what makes you different?

I bring a dynamic combination of expertise, earned these through leadership roles in demand marketing, brand strategy and creative excellence—and at some of the best marketing organizations in the world. This combination empowers me with a holistic perspective. It has also made me nimble and resilient with the ability to quickly see, assess and find solutions. It has also taught me how to deeply understand what a consumer needs, then deliver digital, experiential and traditional programs that drive real, measurable results.

3. What industries and categories do you have significant experience in?

Retail—including department stores, food, electronics, home, fashion & accessories, and e-commerce.

Lifestyle—from prestige beauty, fragrance, and professional hair care to sports, wellness, and wearable technology. I have even developed a disruptive skincare concept that taps into mass customization.

CPG—I have worked with some big names in beverages (ahem, Coke), and with category leaders as well as fast-growing new brands.

4. What leadership roles have you held?

I have led large and small teams in brand planning, activation marketing and visual storytelling. Regardless of my title or core role, I think and act holistically and collaboratively.

5. What do you believe, or what grounds your work?

I believe that deeply felt empathy unlocks meaningful insights that lead to really good work. It is a real privilege to understand people, their world and culture. When we enter their lives we have the responsibility to be kind, understanding and helpful. This is even more powerful when paired with the power of hard data.

6. What satisfies you in your job?

Three things make me go home happy at the end of the day: first, mentoring, exciting and driving excellence in the people I work with; second, asking the unexpected questions that solve customer frictions; and finally revealing opportunities to create new experiences that solve real business problems.

7. This is all very nice, but does it work?

Yes (or would I have really asked?). I have relaunched major brands facing disruption. I have also accelerated growth brands, including pre-money start-ups. In nearly every case the results delivered beyond plan or drove positive brand growth. The results may not always linear, but my ability to quickly respond to changes in consumers needs and market dynamics means that I consistently guide brands to success.

8. What makes you excited to do what you do?

Making a real, measurable impact for a brand (and to do that we better make consumers pretty damn happy). I don’t chase awards, industry accolades or external validation. I much prefer knowing that a distressed brand is on the road to recovery, or that a new product launch is driving adoption.

9. Credentials, please…

My MBA is from NYU Stern School of Business, graduating in the top 10% of my class. My three concentrations were Marketing, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and Leadership. My undergraduate degree is from  Vassar College majoring in biology. I have worked for large and small ad agencies, retailers, e-commerce sites and beauty brands.

10. Tell us something you like to do.

I am an avid dog lover, and I get involved with rescue organizations. I’m an intuitive home chef and The Great British Bakeoff has inspired me to bake my first Pavlova. I’m a fitness guru and Yoga newbie, and have recently done my first wheel. I love aviation, travel and home design.

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