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A vision for womens’ wearable technology that wasn’t a ugly? Or Plastic? A technology start-up found the solution, but needed to create a brand to drive funding and distribution (with basically no budget).

On-the-go professional women wanted a sophisticated solution that kept them connected (without their phone in had all the time) but without sacrificing their personal style—it had to be real jewelry first.  I built the brand as a tech firm, but designed and marketed as a jewelry company—leaning into our pedigree of European-designed jewelry in precious metals and in a variety of interchangeable styles. The “I want to wear that” emotional moment opened consumers to the practicality of the tech solution.

Launched at the International CES in Las Vegas. Engaged over 200,000 prospects, generated over 200 global print, digital and TV mentions and yielded over 250 global distribution requests. The tight integration of solution storytelling and a consistent brand expression helped to solidify a joint-venture with an established global jewelry manufacturer.

Images: The BlueJewelz jewelry and technology disk, and the launch site that drove credibility and distribution.