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An innovation in milk production, fairlife ultrafiltration concentrated the good nutrition and creamy taste of premium dairy milk, while filtering out excess sugar, fat and lactose. This joint venture with Cola-Cola was launching nationally, but legacy marketing and a mystery process confused people—they didn’t know it was real milk.

Revealed a simple insight that the memories of creamy milk taste are triggered by specific foods and occasions. When you immediately understand that fairlife is real milk with better nutrition, no one really cares how you achieved it. 

Creative that credentialed the flagship product that drove double-digit growth for three consecutive years. Tippled brand awareness in under 2 years. Defined content strategies that out-performed Coke and Facebook CPG metrics. Ultimately drove a complete realignment of products under a new master brand, including a new brand architecture, brand purpose, individual product positioning. 

the work

Images: Launch video spot, social content including an Oreo co-promotion, and customer testimonial.